The production of ABC beers is based on the quality standard created in Germany in 1516 (“Reinheitsgebot”), a secular law that determines the specific use of water, malt and hops for the production of beers. A Craft Beer ABC follows the traditional method of brewing that guarantees the same taste and texture in each bottle, providing a drink with unique body, flavor and aroma, only possible by not pasteurizing and not filtering the beer. In this process only high quality ingredients are used, with an accurate mix management and fermentation control that guarantee a completely new and incomparable flavor.


More than a beautiful visual effect, the glasses for tasting a good beer have patterns and formats suitable to accentuate the flavor, aroma and other characteristics that make the difference. The shape of a glass also influences the temperature and the interaction of the ingredients of each beer. Each ABC has a special glass.


In moderate consumption, beer can have benefits for your health. Several international investigations guarantee that it helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. For starters, a good beer has no harmful health chemicals. A bottle of beer is produced from natural elements such as water, malted barley grains and hops. This last one is largely responsible for the taste and aroma of this drink, with a much less aggressive alcohol content and balance. Normally, a real craft beer has no colorants or preservatives.

Here’s some useful information (Source: SAPOLifeStyle):

• Rich in silicon, a vital mineral required by the body for strong and flexible joints, beer makes bones stronger. The conclusion is from a study of the University of Tufts, USA, published in 2009.

• More than 100 international studies confirm that this drink, moderately consumed, decreases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease. The average reduction is between 25% and 40%.

• A Finnish study has shown that men who regularly drink beer are 40% less likely to develop kidney stones. The strong water content of this drink also favors the functioning of the kidneys.

• As it prevents the formation of blood clots, this cereal drink helps to prevent strokes.

• Those who drink beer (moderately) are less likely to develop high blood pressure problems.

Now just order an ABC. Cheers!


A sommelier is a certified and trained professional who works in the alcoholic beverage industry, in this case specializing in the production and development of beer art. He is also a beer ambassador. The knowledge required for this certificate includes a vast comprehension of beer styles, brewing processes, raw materials, history, service glasses, packing, systems design, tasting and food pairing amongst others. The profession is relatively new, but growing all over the world. We have two Diplom Biersommeliers on ABC, which are its founder Reinhard Resel, and Tiago Santos responsible for quality and production.